An estimated 15.4 million consumers were hit with some kind of ID theft last year.

The Thieves Who Want to Rob Your Future

It can be a time-consuming, expensive and emotionally draining or deal for a victim who already is reeling from the personal violation. The emotions they go through is pretty similar to what victims of other crimes experience.


First there is shock and disbelief. Sometimes shame is involved. They lose trust in other people. Sometimes problems with their spouses come up because it's so stressful.


Many cases involve family members or close friends who have done this. That's probably the worst thing. Identity theft costs a lot more than money, when someone uses your personal or financial information to commit fraud or other crimes, you are a victim of identity theft. It’s one of America’s fastest growing crimes.


The cost of recovering a stolen identity and repairing the damage can reach a thousand dollars or more. But, victims report that the time and emotional toll identity theft and recovery take are the greatest losses.

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